Vintage, Rare Pyrex Verde Pattern Casserole Dishes (3) w/Lids, 473

Pyrex Verde Individual Casserole Au Gratin 700 10 oz Pixie Dish from

Shop Verde (Green) China & Dinnerware by Pyrex at Replacements, Ltd. Explore new and retired china, crystal, silver, and collectible patterns, plus estate jewelry,. Verde (Green) by Pyrex. Item#: 137197 Pattern Code: PYRVER. Description: 1960's Green Bowls, Clear Or Opal Lids.

Pyrex Verde Square Floral One and a Half Divided Casserole with Lid

Pyrex Potluck . Pattern Library; Recipe Box; Research Room; Search form. Search. verde. Autumn Floral (Verde) Read more about Autumn Floral (Verde) Autumn Floral. Read more about Autumn.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Green stack 197981 version 3 Cinderella

Miller admits that "a shiny finish is the most important factor for most Pyrex collectors.". However, she also suggests staying open-minded when repurposing flawed pieces. "A few scratches are not a huge deal but if they lose the shine and are dull or chipped, I usually make them into a planter or dog dish," she said.

Vintage Pyrex Verde Mixing Bowl Set

Pyrex Pattern: Verde. Description: Undecorated bowls and dishes in shades of greenish-yellow and light, medium, and dark avocado greens. Decoration initially on opal oval lids only. Round casserole lids were first produced in plain clear glass, later in decorated opal glass. 473 bowls supplied in 470 and 480 sets are different colors, making.

Vintage Verde Cinderella Pyrex 442 SOLD Aunt Gladys' Attic

Verdé. Verdé! The newest look in Pyrex Ware. In the contemporary avocado colors you want: striking blends of rich greens that reflect the flavor and grace of the Continent…This year go continental in Verdé!—it's Pyrex Ware of another color.". Verdé offered consumers a new color choice in a wide range of kitchen and ovenware pieces.

Pyrex Verde Square Floral One Quart Casserole with Lid Aunt Gladys' Attic

Complete your set, Vintage Spring Blossom & Avocado Green, Verde Pyrex Mixing Bowl, Cinderella, Retro Kitchen, 1970s sold individually (433) $ 34.45. Add to Favorites Pyrex Verde Avacado Green Casserole Dish - #043 - 1.5 Quart Casserole Dish - Retro Pyrex Dish (872) $ 38.00. Add to Favorites.

Verde Pyrex Divided Dish With Missing Lid Etsy

The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex Kitchenware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, and use collectible vintage collectible Pyrex glass kitchenware.. Then there is the original Verde, with its unique "olives" decoration initially appearing on opal glass oval lids and only later on round Cinderella casserole.

1950's Pyrex Green Verde Square Flower 2 1/2 Qt Casserole

The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex Kitchenware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, and use collectible vintage collectible Pyrex glass kitchenware.. Verde ⊛ Daisy ⊛ #472 - 1½pt. Green: Verde ⊛ Orange: Daisy ⊛ Old Orchard ⊛ Red: Friendship ⊛ #473 - 1qt. Beige: Homestead.

Pyrex Verde Pyrex Casserole Pyrex 700 by HoneybeeCollectables on Etsy

Pyrex Love is a community site and reference for fans of vintage pyrex bowls, dishes, plates, cups and other items. pattern reference:. The Verde pattern refrigerator dishes have always been a collector favorite, though they're quite common. These are standard sized, with two #501 1 1/2 cup dishes in a light yellow-green, one #502 1 1/2.

Autumn Floral (Verde) Pyrex Vintage pyrex patterns, Pyrex vintage

Set of 4 Vintage Pyrex Verde Cinderella Nesting Mixing Bowls, Mid Century Avocado Pyrex. (128) $148.20. 4 Vintage Pyrex Nesting Bowl Cinderella Avocado Green Verde. White Milk Glass, floral band. Mixing bowl # 444 / 443 / 442 / 441 Stacking Set. (654) $254.99.

Square flowers Verde Pyrex collection, Tableware, Pyrex

Welcome to the Pyrex Love Pattern Reference . You are currently viewing ALL Pyrex patterns . If this is your first time here, please read the sidebar at right for tips on notation we've used throughout these guides. PROMOTIONAL patterns are marked with a "#". "UNKNOWN" patterns have been named but marked with a "*".

Pyrex 1.5qt Casserole, Verde Green Crazy Daisy Pattern, W/Lid 043

Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Bowl 443 Avocado Green 2 1/2 Quart, Green Verde Pyrex Mixing Bowl (167) $ 35.00. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Vintage Verde Green Berry Pyrex Casserole dish, 2 1/2 quart lg dish, Milk Glass vintage (185) $ 46.25. FREE shipping Add to Favorites.

Vintage, Rare Pyrex Verde Pattern Casserole Dishes (3) w/Lids, 473

You can use identification markings, such as glass hue, date stamp, and more to tell if Pyrex is borosilicate; however, an expert can confirm. When opal glass was created in 1936, it was the catalyst for creating the colorful-hued bowls many collectors seek today, although it stopped being made for Pyrex in the 1980s.

Pyrex Verde Square Floral Two and a Half Quart Casserole Aunt Gladys

Pyrex Pattern: Verde Floral. Period of Production: 1966-1972. Designer: Description: Trading stamp program version offered concurrently with standard version. Green "square flowers" pattern on opal white bowls. Casserole lids are all undecorated, colorless glass. Nesting sets alternate decorated with solid avocado (401,403,441,443) bowls.

This Pyrex Square Flowers Verde Green Cinderella set includes the

Vintage Pyrex Verde Square Flowers Cinderella Nesting Bowl, 444 4 Qt,Large Mixing Bowl, Batter Bowl, Ovenware, Green White Vintage Kitchen (191) Add to Favorites $ 18.99. Pyrex ea Sold Separately - Pyrex Green Verde #444 - 4 qt & Pyrex Green Avocado #443 - 2.5 qt Vintage Mixing nesting bowl.

Green Verde Pyrex404 Large Nesting Mixing Bowl 4 Quart Etsy

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