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Place your anchor items like the espresso dip on the board. If using more than one bowl for items, place them evenly on the board in a triangle shape, or along an S, for the most visually appealing layout. Add in the next larger items like pirouette cookies, cheese, larger cookies, bread slices, etc. around the board.

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1. Choose Your Board or Platter: Start with a large wooden board, a marble slab, or a decorative platter as the base for your easy Thanksgiving charcuterie board. The size will depend on the number of guests you're serving. 2. Select a Variety of Desserts: Gather an assortment of Thanksgiving-themed desserts.

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Step 1: Begin with the Brie. First, cut a maple leaf shape into the wheel of Brie using a cookie cutter. Then, place the Brie and the jar of highbush cranberry jam a little off center from the middle of the board. While we went with a maple leaf shape to match the Trader Joe's cookies, you can use whatever fall-shaped cookie cutout you like.

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Serving individual pies is a delicious way to offer the classic Thanksgiving dessert on a charcuterie board. The board gets better with optional pie toppings and fresh fruits. Check it out! Fall Sweets. This clever board is a perfect way to offer sweet snacks for turkey day while nailing the Thanksgiving theme. It is also really easy to.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Dessert Charcuterie Board. Creating a stunning dessert charcuterie board is a delightful way to celebrate Thanksgiving with an array of delectable sweets. Follow these steps to craft a visually appealing and delicious dessert display that will leave your guests in awe: Step 1: Set the Theme and Style

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Supplies needed for this Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board. Thanksgiving Themed Tray (we found our thankful tray at Pop Shelf) Thanksgiving Themed Snacks (mix it up between sweet and savory) Step 1: Get your tray out and make sure it's washed before you place food directly on it. Step 2: Gather your Thanksgiving snack foods and open packages to.

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Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Dessert Tray. Pile leaf-shaped cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, candy corn, and gummies on a tray, then pop a mini pumpkin in the center, and you have a.

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How to assemble your Thanksgiving Dessert Charcuterie Board. Begin by making the turkey. Start by piping a circle towards the middle of the platter. Then, pipe a slightly smaller circle just above the first circle. Add the turkey's details. With the yellow icing, make feet at the bottom of the large circle.

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Fill in Around the Edges. Fill the board to the brim with store-bought macarons, caramel corn and rolled wafer cookies. 4. Mix in Some Fruit. Be sure to add a fresh bite to the board in the form of apple slices with a bowl of dipping caramel nearby. Dried apple chips also make excellent dippers for the caramel. 5.

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Fan the salami and leaf chips around the Brie wheel, then add the produce around the outside of the bowl being sure to separate similar colors. Add the mimolette, persimmons, and leaf cookies around the outside edge of the board. Fill in any empty spots with pecans, chocolate, and any remaining produce.

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Pumpkin Spice Hummus Charcuterie Board. Teresa Blackburn. Loaded up with fruit, veggies, crackers or chips, and a sweet-and-savory Pumpkin-Spice Hummus recipe, this board makes a great.

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Cut cheese blocks into small square cubes for your cheese board. Use small seasonal cookie cutters to get different shapes. Cut a shape out of a wheel of brie with a cookie cutter and fill the center. Roll the cutout portion of brie into crushed cracker crumbs, I used cheddar cheese crackers.

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These charcuterie board ideas for Thanksgiving are the perfect way to add a touch of creativity. It also makes a fun holiday spread. 1. American Flag Charcuterie Board. Featuring a star-spangled cheese tray, fresh fruits, veggies, and a variety of meats and cheeses.

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Thanksgiving dessert charcuterie board. My favorite was the mascarpone with maple roasted pecans. yummmm. Easy Thanksgiving Dessert sure to please all. No-bake pecan pie. Apple pie with a dollop of whipped cream! no bake apple pie. Pumpkin pie that hits the spot! If you want the pumpkin to have a thicker consistency, add some cornstarch water.

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Use different colors and different textures to make the board more visually appealing. Add fresh fruit to skewers for easy grabbing. Use small bowls to keep candy from rolling off the board. I recommend using small wooden or marble bowls with tiny spoons. Use a variety of heights to add dimension to the board.

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6. Cookies and Cheese Thanksgiving Board. This Thanksgiving charcuterie board by Dream Boards features fall fruits, chocolate acorns, and leaf-shaped cookies, but it isn't strictly desserts. However, since the outlier is cheese, we'll let it slide. (Here's a similar wooden pumpkin platter to build your own.)

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