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15. If you prefer mixing your alcohol rather than enjoying it on the rocks, AVEC is a Black-owned company that makes uniquely-flavored sparkling drinks to add to your booze — or to enjoy alone.

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Best Black-Owned Beer Brand: Green Bench. One of the most well-known Black-owned brewing companies, St. Petersburg, Florida-based Green Bench has organically risen among the hoppy heap with local.

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Du Nord Social Spirits. Du Nord Prominence Gin. $38. As America's first legal Black distillery, Du Nord is mixing high-end craftsmanship with award-winning craft spirits. Using one of its award-winning gins as an example, "Prominence Gin ," is a remix of the classic London dry, but with a twist. Infused with Italian Juniper notes, a.

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Duke & Dame. Duke & Dame. Perhaps one of the most talked about Black-owned whiskey brands, Duke & Dame is a hot topic for many reasons. Featuring 100-percent natural salted caramel and only 1-gram.

Black Owned Alcohol Brands 2020 [Growing List] — TIFFY DIAMOND

Top Black-owned Wine and Spirit Brands 2022 L To R: Wifey Brands, NYAK Cognac,. Black consumers account for 12% of alcohol sales but only 7.8% of the workforce and 2% of executives.

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The first female-owned and black-owned brand for soul food-inspired hard seltzer and premium craft beverages, Grown Folks was founded in Los Angeles by Danica Dias, a food, beverage and.

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Founded by Chris Montana in South Minneapolis in 2018, Du Nord is the alcohol brand to keep on your radars. As a result of never being planned, Montana didn't expect Du Nord to become the brand it is today. However, it still ended up on the top of everyone's Black-owned alcohol list. From Du Nord gin to coffee liquor, the brand is described.

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VODKA Aishan Vodka | Black Leaf Vodka | Black Mama Vodka | Black Storm Vodka | www.blackstormvodka.

Black Owned Alcohol Brands 2020 [Growing List] — TIFFY DIAMOND

Guidance Whiskey. Barrel aged for two years and distilled in Iowa, Guidance Whiskey is Jason Ridgel's answer to making Black-owned spirits more prevalent. After production, the whiskey is housed.

Indian Liquor Brands List

There are myriad black-owned brands delivering a vast array of top-quality spirits that would make a fine addition to any at-home bar. In light of recent events, we've highlighted 10 brands worth.

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SRP: $62 for the Black Girl Magic trio. J. Moss: James and Janet Moss spent more than a decade learning the art of winemaking before they opened their J. Moss Winery in 2011 in Napa Valley.

Indian Liquor Brands List

Family-owned Cajun Fire Brewing Company, founded by New Orleans native Jon Renthrope to tackle inequities in the craft beverage industries, is the first Black-owned brewery in Louisiana and the South, as well as the fifth Black-owned brewery in the United States. Established in 2011 and drawing inspiration from cultural influences all across.

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Use this guide to let your spending habits speak for you. Check out ReserveBar's List of Black-Owned Spirit Brands and get 10% off your purchase of 2 or more bottles. Use code 'WDFT10' and support multiple Black-owned businesses! New Black-owned spirits are regularly added to ReserveBar's offerings so check back for updates.

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Michael Lavelle Iris Zinfandel. Michael Lavelle Wines is a luxury Black-owned wine brand that opened its doors in 2020. The brand, founded by Howard alums, sells a range of wines that'll suit.

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These 20 Black-owned and founded alcohol brands should be on your radar, including wine and spirits from the Curry family, McBride Sisters, Issa Rae, and more.

BBQ, fitness, clothing, and more A list of Blackowned businesses and

FOU-DRÉ is a five-time distilled ultra-premium vodka, naturally infused with pomegranate, lychee, kiwi, ginger, lime and no added sugars. The 80-proof (40% alcohol by volume) vodka can be purchased online and at various retailers in Georgia, Maryland, and DC. Owned by DC native, Chanel Turner. Price Range: $44.99.

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