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Starry comes in a light green and yellow can. It's caffeine free. Starry has 90 calories, 0g of fat, 20 mg of sodium, 24g of total carbohydrates, 24g of total sugars and 0g of protein. Starry.

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Starry is bright, optimistic, and rooted in culture and fun." PepsiCo says its new beverage is "easy-to-drink, optimally sweet, and delivers both an exceptional taste and flavor experience."

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What is Starry? Starry is a crisp, clear, refreshing, lemon lime soda that's caffeine free and bursting with flavor! It's available in both Regular and Zero Sugar versions.

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Gabby Romero The ingredients lists are nearly identical. The only swap is the source of sugar. Sierra Mist contained cane sugar while Starry follows the lead of its competitors by using high.

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7.5 fl oz 12 fl oz 16 fl oz 16.9 fl oz 20 fl oz 67 fl oz Fountain. Where To Buy. Product Fact Sheet. Product formulation, packaging and promotions may change. For current information, refer to packaging on store shelves. Information may also differ from package labels because of the limited space on some packages.

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Starry is a lemon-lime soft drink distributed by PepsiCo and owned by Taylor Swift. Distribution began in January 2023. The brand is aimed at competing against Sprite and 7 Up. In January 2023, Starry replaced Sierra Mist as Pepsi's lemon-lime flavored drink, in part because Sierra Mist failed to gain market share in the growing category.

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9.5/10 Sporks We Tried Starry Zero Looking for a review of the zero-calorie version of Starry? We tasted Starry Zero, as well. Click for another honest review.

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Starry is now available in Regular and Zero Sugar versions across U.S. retailers and food service outlets. PepsiCo also said in its release that growth in the lemon lime soda category has been "accelerating since 2019" giving the company "a significant opportunity now to give people a choice in an area that's been dominated by one brand for years."

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SKU 209800 UPC 012000221637 Starry is a crisp, zero sugar, refreshing & caffeine free Lemon-Lime flavored soda. or please Login to place order About this Item Starry Zero Sugar 12oz Can, 24 Per Case (2/12 Packs) Note: Products/packages available for sale to customers may vary based on corporate agreement and/or business segment specifications.

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We also sampled the zero-sugar versions of Starry and Sprite, which contain aspartame. Though I admit, I have difficulty judging diet drinks because artificial sugars scramble my taste buds, it.

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STARRY is currently available in regular and zero-sugar versions in US retailers and foodservice chains in a variety of sizes. To raise awareness of the STARRY brand, PepsiCo will make a series of.

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Sierra Mist was made with cane sugar while Starry currently follows the lead of Sprite (and other sodas) by using high-fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup has a more neutral flavor than cane sugar.

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Based on our own taste testing of both the original Starry and the zero-sugar option, we have thoughts. How does Starry compare to other lemon lime sodas? So the big question is obviously how does Starry taste. And it absolutely does taste like a lemon lime soda. But, unlike some lemon lime sodas this one has a bit more of a sweetness to it..

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Starry Soda is a beverage released by Pepsi as a replacement for their former beverage called Sierra Mist. It's caffeine free, and is flavored with both lemon and lime. The new drink instantly.

Starry soda Pepsi's latest strike at Sprite in the soft drink wars

Starry tastes more lemony up front, and then finishes with a slightly more lime flavor. If you're looking for more lemon flavor in your life, we can help. Here are 27 lemon dessert recipes sure to delight your senses. That said, the biggest difference in the flavor really is that it tastes like Starry has less sugar or sweetener than Sierra Mist.

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Courtesy PepsiCo Is Starry soda that much different from Sierra Mist, Sprite and other lemon-lime drinks? What is Starry soda? Ready to reach for the stars? Starry soda arrived in January 2023. The caffeine-free lemon-lime drink is Pepsi's replacement for Sierra Mist.

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